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Emilio Chapela is a Mexican visual artist based in Berlin. His work explores ecology not as subject matter but as a form of practice and thinking to propose imaginaries and poetics derived from scientific practices and worldly phenomena like water, light, time, space, geology and astronomy. He has a PhD in artistic research from the University of Plymouth, UK. 

He has exhibited extensively in Mexico, Latin America, the USA and Europe, including Germany. His most recent major Museum show was at Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City in 2019, a solo show dedicated to the concept and experience of time. He is a fellow at Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (2022-2024) a prestigious grant from Mexico.

Emilio Chapela's work is held in numerous high-profile art collections around the globe, including the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Phoenix Art Museum,  Jumex Foundation, FEMSA, Bransten Collection in San Francisco and Starbucks Mexico; as well as private collections in New York City, UK, Brussels, Austria, Argentina, Mexico, Miami, Berlin, Paris, Houston, Lima and Milan.


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