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Zombori Art Media is a boutique art production agency based Berlin Mitte, realizing projects in the fields of music, video and fine art in Europe and North America, working tightly with artists on every step along the production path.

Benjamin "Bensh" Zombori, the founder, is a music and art producer, recording artist and agent working in the fields of music, art, video and production as well as pictorial arts.

Zombori Art Media represents a select group of  artists internationally, organizes exhibitions around the world and produces music and art videos with a network of cameramen and editors.

The agency co-publishes the annual art magazine "Die Kunst" (supplement of Capital Magazine). Benjamin Zombori is a co-founder of the Modern Culture Platform Art Perspectives.


For all enquiries about artwork ,

artists, productions and collaborations, please contact:


Benjamin "Bensh" Zombori

mgmt (at)

Angeles Jacobi

angie (at)

Benedikt Zombori

benedikt (at)


Production Studio

Bergstrasse 77

10115 Berlin


music production  media agency

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