'Memories of Now' Exhibition

During Gallery Weekend and Berlin Art Week 2020, the culture platform art perspectives (by inpact media, co-produced by Zombori Art Media) presented an all-female group exhibition titled, 'Memories of Now' at Berlin's iconic Tacheles building. With an aim to promote women in the art world and to establish alternatives to the classic gallery model, 'Memories of Now' featured works by nine Berlin-based artists and was curated by Lorena Juan and Barbara Green. 

'Memories of Now' featured works by: Elisa Duca, IAMKIMKONG, Marion Fink, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Antje Engelmann, Beatriz Morales, Egle Otto, and Neda Saaedi. 

Video by MONA | Executive Produced by Am Tacheles | Produced by Monica Salazar | Filmed by Peter Cairns | Edited by Robin Thomson


An excerpt of KAAN / KIHAAB, digital video, duration 8''48', part of the multi-media installation with the same name. Premiered at Museo MACAY, Mérida, 2020.
Video by Beatriz Morales and Benjamin Zombori. Music by Sion Trefor.


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Proceeds will go to The Trussell Trust food bank charity. Music by Sion Trefor Edited by Benjamin-Zsolt Zombori

Young Rule - OMG

Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada and Thomas Bailey. Stream the "Flux" EP on Spotify:



Young Rule - Warrior Saint

Young Rule "WARRIOR SAINT" streaming now:

Young Rule - Flux

Flux performed by Young Rule. Stream the FLUX EP on on Spotify:


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Beatriz Morales, Hidden Truth (proceso)

Compartiendo el proceso

Beatriz Morales / Exhibition Video ICM Vienna 2016

Beatriz Morales Wonderland 0:01 - 3:06 Hidden Truth (Copper) 3:08 - 5:57 Music by Sion Trefor and Moondog. Video by Bensh Zombori

GODS - WE (Official)

Warning - Contains Flashing Images.


Directed & Edited by Benjamin Zombori //

Visuals by Sabrina Ratté //

Direction of Photography: Rock'n'Roll Pictures - Carlos Vargas, Christian Blümel, Mario Cordero//

GODS - Unnatural (Official Video | Directed by La Loma)

A Video by Daniel Desiderio Paéz / Carolina Padilla

Music by GODS |

Graphics by

Art Director Beatriz Morales

Set Film by Elias Candolini / Big Mouse - Productions / Bert Walser

Footage by Carolina Padilla / Beatriz Morales / Daniel Paéz

GODS - Sisters (Official Video)

Directed by Elias Stabentheiner & Ba Chang

Visuals by 葉長奇 // Models: 牙 Neunzehn Liao / Amber Yj Lai /

Jess Lin / ドラりー / 張馨比


GODS - Pompeii

A video by Beatriz Morales Edited and produced by Brigitte Richter |

Dancers: Christine Joy Ritter and Ixchel Mendoza

Camera: Nicholas Vargas and Carlos Vargas

On Site Production: Chiara Bonetti, Diego Aguirre

BENSH - Doubt (Official Video)

***** Nominated for the 2013 Berlin Music Video Award


Directed by Lynn Kossler.

Director of Photography Matteo Cocco.

BENSH - How Come Nao

Music video for How Come Nao directed by Elias Stabentheiner. //