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Proceeds will go to The Trussell Trust food bank charity. Music by Sion Trefor Edited by Benjamin-Zsolt Zombori

Young Rule - OMG

Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada and Thomas Bailey. Stream the "Flux" EP on Spotify:



Young Rule - Warrior Saint

Young Rule "WARRIOR SAINT" streaming now:

Young Rule - Flux

Flux performed by Young Rule. Stream the FLUX EP on on Spotify:


Young Rule on Instagram:

Beatriz Morales, Hidden Truth (proceso)

Compartiendo el proceso

Beatriz Morales / Exhibition Video ICM Vienna 2016

Beatriz Morales Wonderland 0:01 - 3:06 Hidden Truth (Copper) 3:08 - 5:57 Music by Sion Trefor and Moondog. Video by Bensh Zombori

GODS - WE (Official)

Warning - Contains Flashing Images.


Directed & Edited by Benjamin Zombori //

Visuals by Sabrina Ratté //

Direction of Photography: Rock'n'Roll Pictures - Carlos Vargas, Christian Blümel, Mario Cordero//

GODS - Unnatural (Official Video | Directed by La Loma)

A Video by Daniel Desiderio Paéz / Carolina Padilla

Music by GODS |

Graphics by

Art Director Beatriz Morales

Set Film by Elias Candolini / Big Mouse - Productions / Bert Walser

Footage by Carolina Padilla / Beatriz Morales / Daniel Paéz

GODS - Sisters (Official Video)

Directed by Elias Stabentheiner & Ba Chang

Visuals by 葉長奇 // Models: 牙 Neunzehn Liao / Amber Yj Lai /

Jess Lin / ドラりー / 張馨比


GODS - Pompeii

A video by Beatriz Morales Edited and produced by Brigitte Richter |

Dancers: Christine Joy Ritter and Ixchel Mendoza

Camera: Nicholas Vargas and Carlos Vargas

On Site Production: Chiara Bonetti, Diego Aguirre

BENSH - Doubt (Official Video)

***** Nominated for the 2013 Berlin Music Video Award


Directed by Lynn Kossler.

Director of Photography Matteo Cocco.

BENSH - How Come Nao

Music video for How Come Nao directed by Elias Stabentheiner. //


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