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Future Kult Release Single and Video Hidalgo

December 17, 2021

Future Kult, the new audiovisual project by Sion Trefor and Benjamin “Bensh” Zombori, release their first single and video, Hidalgo.  

The track is a cinemascope juggernaut, a wall of sound composed of distorted, primeval saxophones, warped synths and banshee war cries, propelling bone-dry stanzas over lawless plains towards the glistening horizon: “Tight wallets, big bullets in Hidalgo, where the corn grows.”

The accompanying video, directed by Zombori and set in the titular Mexican state of Hidalgo, shows fragments of a mysterious folk tale and a masked hero, clues of a dark and hopeful story told by villagers in the hills of Hidalgo and unfolding on a battered VHS tape. 

FUTURE KULT’s eponymous debut is scheduled for release in mid February 2022 on Action Wolf Records / AWAL. 

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