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Beatriz Morales at Frieder Burda Museum

August 7, 2023

We are extremely proud to highlight Beatriz Morales´ participation in this group show at museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden (Germany), curated by Udo Kittelmann.


For this exhibition, Beatriz Morales´ created ´Zarcillo´(2023), a 14 meter long agave fiber tendril.

With the exhibition ´Der König ist tot, lang lebe die Königin´, museum Frieder Burda commemorates the historic exhibition "Exhibition by 31 Women" by Peggy Guggenheim. In her visionary Gallery Art of this Century in New York, she presented a show 80 years ago that exclusively gave female artists a stage and therefore brought them into focus at an early stage. The conceptual basis of this historically important exhibition is now taken up by ´Der König ist tot, lang lebe die Königin´ and pays tribute to the artistic work of exactly 31 women artists who address aesthetic, political and social transformations of our recent times.


The group show features works by the following female artists: 


Hiba Alansari | Thuraya Al-Baqsami | Monira Al Qadiri | Rosa Barba | Alexandra Bircken | Monica Bonvicini | Leda Bourgogne | Kerstin Brätsch | Tania Bruguera | Ceal Floyer | Galli | Asta Gröting | Roey Victoria Heifetz | Almut Heise | Leila Hekmat | Leiko Ikemura | Anne Imhof | Annette Kelm | Conny Maier | Heidi Manthey | Beatriz Morales| Sara Nabil | Helga Paris | Adrian Piper | Lin May Saeed | Karin Sander | Julia Scher | Marianna Simnett | Sturtevant | Rosemarie Trockel | Patricia Waller

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