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Color Archaeology by Beatriz Morales Out Now

December 17, 2021

Color Archaeology is the first major monographic cross-section of the versatile and engaging work of Mexican artist Beatriz Morales (* 1981) The publication is designed by Berlin-based graphic design collective mischen, edited by Benjamin Zombori / Zombori Art Media, published by Kerber Verlag and available in stores worldwide. The selection of work represented in this special volume is complemented with texts by Lebanese cognitive scientist Yasmina Jraissati, renowned curator Michel Blancsubé and award winning author Luisa Reyes Retana. A portrait of an unusual, autodidactic artist who integrates Latin America, Central Europe and the Middle East in her work, this book also takes a broad, in-depth look at the very nature of color per se. 

Morales’s multilayered oeuvre—encompassing painting, installation, and video—and Jraissati’s scientific, philosophical view of the interplay between color and cultural influence open up to the reader an expanded perspective of color and materiality in art, unfolding between the poles of the traditional and the contemporary, the individuals and the universal. Curator Michel Blancsubé, a renowned specialist on contemporary Mexican art, provides analytical commentary on Morales‘ oeuvre, while award winning novelist Luisa Reyes Retana engages poetically with the artist‘s biography between Mexico City, Beirut and Berlin. 

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