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"Memories of Now"

Exhibition by Art Perspectives

November 30, 2020

During Gallery Weekend and Berlin Art Week 2020, the culture platform art perspectives (by inpact media, co-produced by Zombori Art Media) presented an all-female group exhibition titled, 'Memories of Now' at Berlin's iconic Tacheles building. With an aim to promote women in the art world and to establish alternatives to the classic gallery model, 'Memories of Now' featured works by nine Berlin-based artists and was curated by Lorena Juan and Barbara Green. 

'Memories of Now' featured works by: Elisa Duca, IAMKIMKONG, Marion Fink, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Antje Engelmann, Beatriz Morales, Egle Otto, and Neda Saaedi. 

Video by MONA | Executive Produced by Am Tacheles | Produced by Monica Salazar | Filmed by Peter Cairns | Edited by Robin Thomson

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